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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - white flowers

I'm not sure if they remind me of winter snow of if they are an early promise of spring...

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - white flowers

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - white flowers

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DIY Felt Book Covers

I friend asked me to make a few felt book covers, and since I'm trying to destash, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to go through my felt scraps and try to come up with something.

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

I made three different book covers, using my 5 minute book cover tutorial and I think they turned out great even if I was using scraps (that's why two of the covers are two-toned, as I didn't have enough material to make them otherwise).

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

Book cover number one is a solid gray with a felt and button embellishment:

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

Book cover number two comes in two shades of blue, with a lacy ribbon serving as both embellishment and a means to hide the center seam:

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

And the last one (which happens to be my favorite) is made of blue and dark gray felt, with a vintage ribbon across:

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

DIY Felt Book Covers (with tutorial)

These book covers are seriously easy and quick to make, and are a lovely homemade gifts too. The three above have already been delivered to their new owner but I'm thinking they worked so well as a destashing project that I'm going to make a few more in the neat future. 
See below my other destashing projects of 2018 so far:

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Happy Tuesday,

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Monday, February 19, 2018

DIY Play Food - felt chocolate cookies with filling

Hello and welcome to another installment of the DIY play food series.

Today I'm showing you how to make felt chocolate cookies with filling. Almost as delicious as the real ones, but with zero calories...

DIY Play Food - felt chocolate cookies with filling - tutorial and pattern

Here's the tutorial:

Welcome to The Really Crafty link Party #107!

Hello, and welcome! I'm so glad you could join us for The Really Crafty Link Party #107. Come and share all your posts and as this is a party, please try to visit at least a couple of other links and share on social media - the more, the merrier.

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As usual, the linkup will be open until next Thursday and I will be posting the features on Friday, February 23rd.

Did you miss last week's amazing features? Click the image below to check them out:

The Really Crafty Link Party is focused on crafts, so the idea is for you to link up all your crafty posts: DIYs, printables, home decor, tutorials, recipes, whatever you want to share. Feel free to add as many links as you want, and old posts are welcome too!

I have no problem if you want to add the same link in more than one week; it will still be eligible for a feature but please note that I will comment and add it to the Pinterest board only once.You can add posts on other subjects (family friendly please), but only craft related posts will have a chance to be featured and will be pinned to the party's Pinterest board.

If you host your own party, add it too - it may not be featured, but you'll be sharing it with all of us anyway, and everyone loves to discover new parties!

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Thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Really Crafty Link Party #106 featured posts!

Hello and welcome. It's Friday again (yay!), which means it's time for me to share the features of this week's link party. I'm very happy because we had another busy party with lots of wonderful links!

A very special thank you to everyone who linked up, shared on social media and visited during the last few days!

The Really Crafty Link Party #106 featured posts

Check out this week's amazing features below!

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

Hello, and welcome. Today I'm sharing a simple tip to easily create a cute necklace using elastic.

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

I got the very pretty medallion below from a friend who's into jewelry making. I doesn't show very well in the photos because the rounded glass reflects the light, but it's a cherry blossom and just perfect to cheer me up during the cold winter months.

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

The problem is that I got just the medallion and I obviously wanted to use it as a necklace. The solution: a simple piece of round elastic in a matching color.

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

Why is elastic so great to create simple necklaces? Because it's versatile, usually comes in a lot of colors and you can tie it into a knot and save yourself the trouble of adding clasps or other closures. And because it stretches, you can cut it as short as you need (as long as it fits over your head).

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

In this case, I really like how it turned out. And the best: it took me less than a minute to turn the medallion into a ready to use necklace.

How to create a necklace using a simple elastic

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

6 cool DIY organization ideas

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the You Can Do-It-Yourself series. It's been a while, but this week I wanted to share some very cool organization ideas. All DIYs, of course.

6 cool DIY organization ideas, you can do it yourself series

Some may be easier and quicker to make than others, but they come with instructions and materials lists, so there's no reason not to try at least one (or a few...). Check them out below:
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